Sometimes I get caught up on labels, that are put on me and that I put on others.

We choose these small tiny words or phrases to define people, when the truth is, we are each made so complex that it is simply inaccurate to do so.

We dump people into categories: not smart enough, the uncreative one, too emotional, irrational, impulsive, choleric, melancholy.
These phrases can stick with us for years after they are uttered from sometimes well meaning friends or family… I know, I remember them well.

But you know, sometimes I am smart, sometimes I am creative, sometimes I am unkind and then I may be loving. Sometimes I like to quietly reflect and sometimes I love to be outgoing. Sometimes I am bossy and then I may like to go with the flow. A lot of the time, I am some of these things at the same time.

But all the time I am me, and God made me (and you) pretty special like that.

I found that since I have focused on what I know to be true of myself and also of what God has said about me, and by letting go of those labels and categories, life has opened up to me like never before. I am going places and doing things, I have always dreamed of but did not pursue earlier because I was too caught up in this web of what other people might label me as. But as I see it, I can blame the world or I can change something.
And while I can’t change how people define me, I can stop accepting that those definitions are true, and find freedom by doing so.

Your are of infinite worth, just the way you are. Believe it.

5 days ago

Warning: Opinionated Post Ahead.

Trying to find sleep tonight and I kept tossing and turning. Why, you may or may not ask? Well I’ll tell you, but be forewarned this is a personal opinionated post, written with possible late night ramblings included. So if you are not interested in my opinion, which I have no doubt, some people are not, I would ask you to consider not bothering to read this. 

Yesterday, I, as well as many, many other people heard news about the bomb explosions in Boston. I think there were 3 people killed and the number rising up to 70 injured and a lot of them very severely (amputated limbs etc.) I heard and I was sad, mad and shocked at such a tragic, senseless waste of human life and the widespread affect it caused. I sent up a few prayers throughout the day and tried thinking though it several times, trying to make sense of it, never reaching a conclusion. 

As always, things start popping up, usual on social media sites (where opinions run freely (and yes I see the irony in that statement :P)). A lot of them about praying for Boston, which was so great to see.

But what also caught my attention and has lead to this post, were the posts that were about the media, and their focus on this event. Something I read most recently, ranted about the Boston bombing not being the ‘worst’ tragedy out there and being glorified. That because the media posts so much about these first world problems, no one cares about the fact that there are many lives lost in third world due to starvation, civil wars and genocide.

Now this… this almost got me as angry as reading about what happened in Boston. Firstly, I would like to hear these people, the ones ranting about Boston not being the ‘worst’ tragedy, tell the people that lost a loved one in Boston, that it isn’t the worst tragedy. Or how bout the people that have just experienced loss of one limb or even two limbs or a specific body function. Cos I know if I were in that position and someone proceeded to tell me, ‘Well, you know it’s not the worst thing that has ever happened.’ I would most likely cut off that person’s arm and then tell them the same thing. Well no, not really. But I’m hoping you see my point.

I do not believe there is such things as worse or less tragedy. ANY loss of human life is tragic, an attack is an attack whether one person is killed or several thousand. Every life is valuable and precious.

Secondly, to presume that ‘no one cares’ about genocide or starvation in third world countries is extremely ignorant.

Yes, it may not be as widely spread though media, we all know that media will always focus on some things and not others. If you wanna change that, become a journalist.

But to say that because it is not as featured in the news means no one cares as much is plain stupid not accurate. I, for a fact know many people that do care, and take action by investing in children in those countries. I know many companies that put a lot of effort into investing into those countries to try and bring restoration to those that are hurt, suffering and broken. And of course there could always be more help and more people willing to spend time and money to help.

And media coverage may or may not help that, but to say that media coverage= care factor is presumptuous.

Placing one life or a thousand lives above another, will only lead to more separation, we have seen this in historic acts. The attack on thousands of lives is as senseless and tragic as the attack on the three killed in Boston. And hey, if the first thing you think about when there is a bombing is the fact that the media is doing it wrong, then there is something wrong there.

Anyway I’ll finish up with part of a quote I read today, if you did read this entire, well done, thanks and I really appreciate it! 

Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends by defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

1 year ago

Harder and Easier.

As soon as we are fully conscious we discover loneliness. We need others physically, emotionally, intellectually; we need them if we are to know anything, even ourselves. — C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves (1960)

The silence is settling in… The realisation that I have left the majority of my relationships behind in Perth hits…


Who would of thought it was possible to miss lil ole Perth. Not me! But I also realise it’s my relationships I miss the most. And maybe the beaches and BBQ’s.

3 and a half months on…

The Hard Stuff. Long distance relationships take a lot of work and the silent days are harder to take. And as it does, time brings change and things happen that make me wish I was with the people I miss the most. A friend that gets her license (finally). A friend going through a pregnancy. A friend going through a similar Uni course as me. A friend going through her wedding plans, in the lead up to the day she gets hitched to my brother.

The regular routine that was my Perth life is now so different. Not in a bad way at all but I do miss seeing my family at church and home, having my regular coffee and catch up person to hang with for girl time (Eternita), and seeing old work friends.

The Easier Stuff. Having so much to do! I have seen shows of all different variety, I have seen several different sides to one city. I love the busyness of the city. I love the different weather, I love my new church. These things all make being away from home easier. I love texting and emailing my friends in Perth. And I love skyping my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew… Who are further from home then me! I love pinteresting with my sister-in-law-to-be (yes that’s a lot of dashes) and exchanging wedding ideas.

I love technology, that allows me to stay in touch with my friends in numerous different ways, most of which I have just explained!

So whilst some areas are harder, they are often offset by the easier.

The Other news. I have successfully landed a position in a salon that is strictly blow drys and hair ups. YAY! I am booked in to my first young adults camp at my new church next weekend. EEK! I have survived 5 weeks of Uni. FIST PUMP!

And I’ve survived 3 and a half months in Melbourne. Cheers to that!

1 year ago

Getting a job in Melbourne.

Job hunting is just a pain.

If your over around the age of 15, you will have experienced the pain of trying to find the perfect job. Whether you are at school, uni or college and need a casual job to LIVE, while you eat mi goreng and survive on next to no sleep. (This is me.) Whether you’ve been previously injured in a job career and have to start all over again. Whether you previous job employers were shmucks and made you redundant. Whether you just want a job that you love and not have to endure.

The many rejections, the constant web and street searching, the weeks with no response, no matter how many jobs you may have applied for… job hunting is hard work. 

On the odd occasion a job may come easy. This happened to me for my first ever job as a hairdressing apprenticeship. A recent new friend at uni, came across a job as soon as she finished school that gives her almost everything she needs.

SOMETIMES, job hunting is not difficult.

But I think the general consensus on job hunting is that it is painful, frustrating and can make you feel giving up on ever finding a job and just living on the doll for the rest of your life. 

Melbourne, gave me a false expectation of job hunting. Before I arrived in Melbourne, I had already used popular web sites to pursue my dream casual job! (Steady, flexible hours, for a high rate… I’m dreaming right!) Anyway predominately, I was applying for hospitality jobs.

I had already received TWO call backs whilst in Perth for job interviews, both which were nice but turned down due to various reasons. So I arrived in Melbourne with a positive outlook, assuming that I would be making income fairly quickly.

Well played Melbourne.

The joke was on me. Days started going past with nothing but silence. Not even any courteous “We had many better applicants, so unfortunately you did not get short listed” emails were sent my way. (Which pretty much means, “We don’t know why you applied, stupid.”)

After two weeks of web searching, street walking, stress making, job hunting, I was out to breakfast with my dad and mum. My dad was shouting me (as remember, I am still jobless at this point) and he came back and said that apparently they said that a certain free advertising website was the way to go for applying for jobs. The male employee at the cafe said he had put his resume up on gumtree and got 3 calls back within the same day!

Great, I thought. I went home, jumped onto the popular website and uploaded my resume with the heading, “Your Next Best Employee.” (Not pretentious, just confident :P)

Now I did get many emails back. Unfortunately, even with the ending note on my advert of “PLEASE NOTE: Professional work only.” 98% of these emails I received from my advert, were seemingly professional, until it came right down to it and such words as “I pay very well for a companion” and “What do you look like?” came into play. YUCK.

The other 2% were from recruitment agencies, which are fine, but I really was wanting something more stable.

So I took down my advert, disappointed. 

SIDE NOTE: I also realised that most hospitality places in Perth were made up of students (like me!) working casual, that would then move onto their careers in 3 or 4 years. In Melbourne, being a city that is very hospitality orientated, the people that work in hospitality, are working there because it IS their career!

Anyway, so all the sudden, all the rejection emails came in. Yay, for my self esteem! But I did get a call back from a hospitality agency that did big functions. I met with them and they wanted to take me on, but informed me that the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Certificate is different in every state. So my Perth RSA was not valid in VIC. (How ridiculous!) So I had to pay again to sit through a day course, (with all the same information) just to be able to work again. 

I finished my course that day, and received a call from a restaurant ( that to be honest I couldn’t even remember applying for) asking me to come for a trial! I did the trial, with my success and in the space of 3 days (Day 1 being the call, Day 3 being the trial) I had received a job! Of course after that I received a few other job offers, isn’t that always the way!

So, to sum up my looking for work experience, I currently work in a restaurant, with an interview coming up for a hairstylist position (fingers crossed) and I’m finally working in Melbourne.

I came, I saw, I CONQUERED! 

P.s. Sorry for the uber long post, I haven’t written in awhile, so I’m cramming it all in. 

1 year ago

Settling in.

“We read to know we are not alone.” - C.S. Lewis

Well, I have officially moved to Melbourne. Flight is over, clothes are unpacked, and I’ve been here over a week…

Over a week. I have no friends (besides the one or two people I do know here). I don’t know this city. I don’t know anyone or anything yet I feel wonderful. Now don’t get me wrong, I do get lonely. It is a big step to move and I am lucky to at least have my parents here to do it and feeling lonely was expected. But wonderful.

What have I been up to? Well… I have gotten myself lost on purpose a few times in the city. I have had Starbucks coffee and people watched. I have had meals by myself and felt content. I have walked, I have shopped, I have spent a lot of time with my Dad, with the fortune of having a Dad who is amazing. I have been to two great churches to visit.

I got accepted to my first preference in uni courses, I enrol for RMIT on Tuesday. I know right, even I didn’t think I’d get in! And I have applied for lots of jobs and am hoping for the right one to come along. 

I think of my friends often and while I miss them, most of my thoughts have been wishing they would come visit me here. It’s safe to say I am falling in love with Melbourne life fast! Less often but still sometimes, I think of the friends that drifted apart from me before I even left. You know those friends, the ones you see week to week at work or church, that like the flowery words and everything but when it really comes down to it, don’t follow through. Those names that popped into your mind… yeah those are the ones. Being someone who values deep, genuine friendships and loyalty, it was inevitable that my mind would remind me of ‘those’ friends. But it has made me more grateful for my friends that are/were genuine. I treasure my memories with those friends so much more now.

Anyway before I can ramble on anymore about the random thoughts in my mind I better sign off.

So in summary, settled in and loving it.

1 year ago